Aesthetics & Politics

Work-in-Progress Workshop | 20 November, 2017

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers at different stages of their careers who share an interest in the relationship between politics and aesthetics, in other words the representational dimensions of political theories and political practices, and the political dimensions of aesthetic theories and aesthetic practices. The work presented at the workshop will consider how both historical and contemporary philosophical ideas can shed light on the complex nexus of aesthetics and politics. 


Macquarie University, Australian Hearing Hub, 5th Floor Seminar Room

Free and open to the public. Please RSVP; space is limited.


9:30-10:30  Jean-Philippe Deranty and Michael Olson, The Work of Art in the Age of its Digital Distribution

10:30 Coffee

10:45-11:45  William Hebblewhitetitle TBA

11:45-12:45  Darlene Demandantetitle TBA

12:45 Lunch

1:45-2:45  Livia Cocetta"Social revolution is the daughter of aesthetic revolution:" Jacques Rancière

2:45-3:45  Tom CorbinJustice from De Cive to Leviathan

3:45  Coffee

4:00-5:15  Alison RossChildhood Experience, Auratic Experience, Revolutionary Experience

This workshop is supported by the Macquarie University Centre for Agency, Value, and Ethics (CAVE).